Cleaning Services for Office & Vacation Rentals

ProClean Services Inc. is a provider of commercial cleaning Service in Sonoma and Marin County with a shinning reputation for outstanding service and reliability.

A clean office can do wonders to boost employee satisfaction and productivity.

Studies have conclusively established a link between clean work environment and employee productivity. This means that when your office is fresh and sparkling, your employees are happy and enthusiastic-eager to do their best. And what's more, you make a huge impression on visiting clients and guests.

A Customized Janitorial Program

We make it easy for you.

Working in close consultation with your company's employees, we determine your exact cleaning needs. Then we design an service program that is tailor made to the precise needs of your business.
Just let us do the work while you concentrate on running your business. Our janitorial service blends seamlessly with your day-to-day routine. No disruptions, no hassles.

Our customers are owners and managers of commercial buildings and facilities.

We service:

- Offices & Office buildings
- Medical Offices
- Vacation Rental
- Educational Institutions
- Apartment Turns
- Event Cleaning
- Remodel & New Construction Cleaning
- Hotels & Motels
- Restaurants - Retail Stores, Beauty Salons, and much more
- Single Family Homes

Services are involved on a monthly basis with

Cleaning for Vacation Rentals

vacation1   vacation2

The Wine Country is a famous vacation destination and, because of this, vacation home rentals have become very popular in Sonoma County.


ProClean Services has experienced service cleaners They clean and deep clean these home rentals on a regular basis, so you can trust them to do a job with excellence.

Preparing for Renters

vacation6   A professional cleaning woman carefully dusts lamp shades in a modern luxury kitchen.

We understand that there is a degree of difficulty in preparing your vacation home to renters, and our service alleviates one of the problems: A dirty house.  An unclean rental will generally lead to a bad reputation. Our guarantee is that your home will be clean for new and returning renters to your home.

Also utilize our popular Laundry Service. laundry12
No more headache about getting the linen clean in time. Our cleaning crew collects the dirty linen and
will return them on the next cleaning service.

Give us a call so we can discuss details about your cleaning requirements.